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“The Skipping Rabbit” for Beginning String Orchestra, first presented in “The Scampering Scarecrow Violin Book” is now availble for beginning string orchestra. The score is arranged for Violin I, Violin II, Violin III, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, and Piano.  The Violin III part has been included in case there are violin members who are not ready, as yet, to handle the Violin II part.  The piano part may be used for support during rehearsal or included as part of the ensemble in the performance.  As with all of the Scampering String Series pieces, “The Skipping Rabbit” comes with the scale representing the key of the piece as well as rhythm patterns which are used in the piece.

TEACHING SUGGESTIONS:  It is highly recommend that the instructor begin this piece by introducing the rhythms from the piece using a G or D Major Scale.  Once the rhythms are comfortable, then add the scale from the piece.  Introduction of this piece may happen over a few periods in order for the students to become comfortable with the given scale and the rhythms.


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Score and Parts

Score and Parts


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