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“The Scampering Scarecrow Violin Book” was written for young violinists who were working at the Grade 1-2 level of the Toronto Conservatory standard.  Each piece is designed to give the student new challenges in handling scales and different types of bowing which, in turn, develops each students’ technique.  Each piece is highlighted with a carricature of the special individual being highlighted in the piece.  In addition, each piece is presented with the scale of the key being emphasized along with various rhythms being taken from the piece.  The pieces presented are:

1. Berceuse       2. The Scampering Scarecrow    3.  Peek-a-Boo Ghost       4. A Great Big Boo in 3

5.  The Mischievous Mop   6. The Little Bud Car That Could    7. The Hesitant Hairy Rabbit    8. The Skipping Rabbit

9. The Rhino And The Chimp    10.  Floating Snowflakes.

Certain pieces were written to highlight certain seasons in the year.  Fall – The Scampering Scarecrow, Halloween –
Peek A Boo Ghost,  A Great Big Boo, Easter – The Hesitant Hairy Rabbit, The Skipping Rabbit, and Christmas – Floating Snowflakes.  All of the above pieces are also presented in this website as individual pieces so teachers can try a piece in order
to determine whether it is suitable for a particular student.  If the piece is suitable, the teacher could then purchase the entire book.  Please note the all of the MP3’s are available at “kantatastudios@gmail” as complimentary.  Teachers can send their e-mail to this address and we will ship the MP3’s to you.  We hope that you will give this book a try, especially if you are a new teacher who is looking for some assistance in teaching.




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