“The Scampering Scarecrow Viola Book” is a  collection of ten pieces originally written for the violin book.  Each piece
contains the scale used for the composing of the piece as well as rhythm patterns which are taken from the piece. The book
contains, Berceuse, The Scampering Scarecrow, Peek A Boo Ghost, A Great Big Boo in 3, The Mischievous Mop, The Little Bud Car that Could, The Hesitant Hairy Rabbit, The Skipping Rabbit, The Rhino And The Chimp, and Floating Snowflakes.

     It is recommended that instructors begin by using a scale such as G major and experiment with the rhythm patterns found in the piece.  As the students become comfortable with these patterns, then add the “highlighted” scale upon which the piece is based.

Complimentary MP3’s of the ten pieces are available from “”.



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