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“The Rhino and The Chimp” is a story about two animals that thought they didn’t like each other.  The Rhino was very big (represented by long sustained notes) and the chimp was very small (represented by short, choppy, eighth and sixteenth notes). Throughout the piece there is this conversation back and forth between the two combatants until they both realized that they could actually get along quite happily with each other.   The rhino’s melody became much more rapid in style and the chimp’s, a little slower.  Together they realized that they had much in common. As the piece comes to a close, the dialogue becomes rather rapid between the two individuals.  One will hear this dialogue in the short musical phrases at the end.
This is a wonderful beginning piece which would probably be listed by Toronto Conservatory at a Grade Two Level. It can be played by two separate players, one being the chimp, the other being the rhino.  A teacher could take it even farther by looking at “The Scampering Scarecrow Duet” book.



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