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* The above is just a short sample of the full score.


“The Mischievous Mop” is a musical story of a very busy mop which tends to get out of control.  The music is presented in the lower part of the staff which works exceptionally well for the viola player.  The opening melody tends to be a little bouncy and choppy with a combination of staccato eighths and legato quarter notes.  The middle section allows the player to expand the bow with a smooth, legato style bow stroke. A great contrast to the opening section.  The final section of the piece once again states the opening melody with its bouncy, choppy style.  This piece would be considered a Grade Two Toronto Conservatory type of piece.
This is a piece that the young viola student will really enjoy studying.  As always, the scale from the piece is highlighted with rhythm patterns for a great opening warmup to the lesson.



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